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Scentsy Candles Review - 'Hot' Home Based Business Or Not?

Picture - a full size candle warmer from Scentsy's Campus Collection

Scentsy makes a great flameless candle, probably the best in the business. Joey talks about the Scentsy selling system in this article. He hits a home run when he says success comes after lots of hard work and time. Of course, this is true of all businesses, right?

Scentsy Candles Review - 'Hot' Home Based Business Or Not?

This review will give you the facts about Scentsy Candles and my personal recommendation for anyone considering joining Scentsy. So let's jump into it, shall we?

What Exactly Is Scentsy?

Scentsy Candles is a network marketing/ direct sales company whose core product is candles. However, these are not ordinary candles. They are flameless candles, composed of a special wax, that melts using a low watt bulb. The candles have gained massive popularity because they not only smell good, but there is no soot, smoke or residue left behind. You can buy candles from Scentsy as a customer or you can participate in earning commission as a consultant. I'll talk more about this later.

The company went live in 2004 and has seen steady growth ever since. They have done over $100 million in sales in 2009, operate in over 3 countries and have over 35,000 independent consultants. So if you are wondering if this is a profitable company, the answer would be absolutely yes. I think the company has had great success not just because of the unique product, but because of the overall values. Not every direct sales company focuses on the people and they eventually die. However, with Scentsy, they encourage a
friendly and playful atmosphere for their consultants.

Let's Talk Dollars & Cents

One aspect of Scentsy that you are probably very curious about is the compensation plan. After all, we get into this industry to make a lot of money right? Well with Scentsy they will pay you 30% on personal sales and 9% on your entire downline volume. There are 8 different levels of the compensation structure you can reach, but you can only move up when
your volume increases.

So how much to join Scentsy Candles? It costs $99 to join. For this fee you get a starter kit that contains a consultant handbook, 80 party tester candles, 100 business cards, 100 postcards, 100 order forms, 50 catalogs, 1 room spray, your first candle kit and 3 months for your personal website. Not a big price to pay for all that material.

Is A Full Time Income With Scentsy Possible?

Absolutely. But this only happens in time. You have already realized that this company has put up some big-time annual figures. To create a full time income in this company it must be a long term goal of yours. You will have to expose the product and business to people every single day and stay very committed. Successful consultants in similar companies like Avon, did not get to the top overnight. If you think this industry can get your rich quick, then you are better off not even trying.

To be perfectly honest I like this company. I like their vision and the atmosphere the owners have created. But do not let this 'good feeling' deceive you. You will have to talk to people and work at it. Once you start to gain some momentum, make sure you are training your downline. You should also ask yourself if you can fully support the product? If you can't, then don't bother joining Scentsy. You must be able to support the product even if you weren't linked to the compensation plan.

Joey Fratantoni is the author of the
Scentsy Candles review as well as many other company reviews. Joey has cracked the code to building any MLM business online and has finally agreed to reveal his formula to the public. Visit the Online Attraction Formula for access to your free training videos.

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